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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Film Music Scene Review: Teen Wolf

The following comments are based on the underscore for the film, Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox. In this scene, the Michael J. Fox character is walking towards the camera on a sidewalk with his friend, Lisa "Boof" Marconi. 

Miles Goodman uses very simple instrumentation of electric piano and strings to evoke different feelings. The music around 6:35 invites us to enjoy the camaraderie of the characters. The electric piano and strings are working together to create this feeling.

After "Boof" offers to “listen anytime” and Scott (MjF) says “not this time” there is a very effective moment. It’s just a beat with a held pad but it creates a momentary tension that is quickly resolved when she walks away and the music continues. At this point, the elements start to take on different roles.

The romantic electric piano continues to represent the bond between the characters. At the same time, the strings move to a higher register and now they seem to convey the tension that Scott feels: he wants to open up to her but would she accept him if she knew the whole story?

The music and the arrangement are very simple but give the film exactly what it needs. The best part is that it's so transparent.

(c) 2009 Carlos Garza

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