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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Orchestral Essentials Demos

I recently scored a trailer for the upcoming short film by Anthony Faust. The sounds are entirely from a new virtual instrument product called, "Orchestral Essentials" from ProjectSAM. The style is kind of a high impact minimalism, if that makes any sense.  I will have a review of Orchestral Essentials soon.

Orchestral Essentials virtual instruments used in this demo: Percussive Sound Design, Reverse Engineering, Drones and Risers, Sunburn, Woodwind Staccato, Woodwinds Cinematic Effects, Strings Staccato, Strings Arco, Brass Staccato, Brass Long Notes, Brass Cinematic Effects, Cinematic Percussive Effects, Piano Mystique, Concert Harp.

I wrote a score for the short film, Monkey Cookie Jar using only Orchestral Essentials. The woodwinds and brass inspired me musically and sounded great with very little effort.  It was great to get both the lighthearted sounds and the darker elements all from one virtual instrument library.  

Orchestral Essentials virtual instruments used in this demo: Orchestral Percussion Kit, Cinematic Percussive Effects, Drones and Risers, Brass Cinematic Effects, Brass Staccato, Brass Long Notes, Strings Cinematic Effects, Strings Tremolo, Strings Staccato, Strings Arco, Woodwinds Cinematic Effects, Woodwinds Staccato, Woodwinds Long Notes, Reverse Engineering, Alien in the Airlock,

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